I am a professional photographer passionate about creating stunning portraits with both new and experienced models. I am based in Shropshire but travel all over the UK for both studio, location work and promotional events. I am an offical photographer for Reeltime models. I work at various studios across the UK but also have a studio close to me where I can shoot you if you prefer.
I have a very extensive portfolio covering portrait, fashion and glamour work and have worked with highly experienced and published models.
I also work with new and less experienced models and offer model training days across the country.

Portfolio building

If you wish to book a studio session, the minimum booking period is two hours but I suggest a three to four hour booking in one of the larger studios to give you a diverse portfolio. We would discuss your required styles and themes and depending on your location book a studio in advance.
You can choose from a solo one to one shoot or you can join one of our group shoots where multiple models will be photographed by a selected group of photographers. As well as myself, there will be studio managers on hand to help with lighting equipment and moving sets. You are also welcome to bring a chaperone if you wish.

Training days

For new and less experienced models, I also arrange training days in selected photographic studios. Again these can be solo one to one training sessions or you can join one of our group training days.
As well as myself and a studio manager, you will be coached by an experienced female model. You will be taught easy posing techniques which suit your image and body style. There are literally thousands of poses but you will be taught a simple range of poses which can be expanded on over time.
If you wish to bring a make up artist with you then please do but note you are charged for studio time, not just the time in front of the camera. If you haven't got a makeup artist but want to benefit from one we can provide one for you if you wish for an additional cost.

Modelling as a business

Some of our studios provide intensive training days which as well as posing techniques, include the services of a makeup artist, advice on clothing and hair and additional information on how and where to promote yourself as a model. You will also be given advice on personal safety and the safeguards and services in place to ensure you feel safe and protected at all times.

Photo editing

With your shoot over, the next stage is for your images to be edited. Although all photographers do their best to ensure the best images are captured on the camera, these are never the final product. Images are cropped, lighting and colours are adjusted, and any foreign objects removed that don't look right in the photo. Most photographers including myself are happy to touch up temporary skin blemishes and even add a bit of warmth to your skin colour but prefer not to change your body shape in any way or remove permanent features such as tattoos etc. If you do have anything that you do or do not want to be edited then this is something we can discuss.

Your portfolio

Editing is very time-consuming which is reflected in my rates which include my editing time. I normally work on getting the images back to you within 14 days maximum but I can often complete the process within 7 days. My edited images are uploaded to a secure and private website where you will have the opportunity to view your images and choose your favourites. You can then download them for use on social media or any other portfolio. I can also produce high quality versions of the images for use in printed magazines and publications.
Like the majority of professional photographers, I use Lightroom which was designed by Adobe to allow photographers to create professional edits whilst maintaining the integrity of the subject within the image. I do not use Photoshop as using artifical intelligence in my view destroys the creativeness of the original composition.  

Group and promotional events

I work with a number of photographers and professional models and and can provide additional photographers and models for your event. As well as being involved in charity fundraisers across the country, I have been involved in the promotion of a Manchester based band and work closely with Reeltimemodelsuk, a Manchester based collective of photographers and models. I have also shot at a wide range of locations including scrap yards, garden parties, urban shoots, recording studios a lake shoot. My latest event was the MaxPower Reunion Show 2023 at Stafford Showground where myself and a colleague shot four of our own models as well as the show models in front of a range of beautiful cars. Future events I will be attending later this year 2023 include the Glam Awards, London Fashion week, a Sunseeker promotional shoot, and a group shoot in Portugal. If you are looking for photographers and/or models for your event, feel free to contact me.