First photographic studio visit?

If you haven't been to a photographic studio before then don't worry, you be welcomed, offered a drink and given a tour of the studio facilities.
All of the studios I use have bathroom facilities, private changing facilities, a models makeup area and there is normally a kettle on the boil with tea, coffee and sometimes even biscuits! Most studios will have music playing to create a relaxed environment which is so important for the creativity process to flourish. All of the studios I use are amazing creative spaces staffed by men and women passionate about their work. 

Studio services

I am very fortunate to have access to a number of studios around the country. Photo studios can range from small units to very large open plan areas occupying entire floors in both historic and purpose built buildings.
All the studios that I use have a very good range of either permanent or interchangeable sets, a range of backgrounds, a whitewall, and comprehensive modern lighting offering a complete range of lighting setups dependant on the style and theme I am shooting.
Every studio is different with its own character but the one thing they all have in common is very professional and knowledgeable studio managers who are always on hand to help with sets, lighting or any other requirements a photographer or model may have.

Studio sets

A typical minimum two hour shoot will include three 'sets' of images, each set of images relating to one of the studio themed sets, each of which would normally feature one particular style of clothing so you end up with three completely different looks and styles for your portfolio. In each set you will be encouraged to vary your poses to maximise the content from which I can choose your best images from. 

UK Studios

I am based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire and have a local studio in Wellington, Telford as well as studio space in Birmingham, Bromsgrove, Bolton, Derby, Kettering, Kidderminster, Leicester, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Rhyl, Stockport, Stoke, Walsall, Wednesbury and Worcester, some of which I use regularly to shoot promotional events over several days.
I do however travel all around the UK with regular visits to London for shoots and promotional events so if you are not near to one of these studio don't worry there are studios all over the country providing excellent services.