I work with ReeltimemodelsUK, a Manchester based collective of photographers and models with a varied range of talent. Promotional events with Reeltime have included music videos, drinks brand promotions, clothing brands and recently, a river shoot with tribal themes, fire-eaters and a music video production. Scroll down for a brief summary and selected images from some of the many Reeltime models I have worked with all in the last year. Click the images to scroll through their gallery. In addition to the models below, I have worked extensively with many other independent and agency models.

Amy Belle

Amy Belle is a published model that I have shot for a number of events in association with Reeltimemodelsuk and I recently had the pleasure of a day shooting with her at Montrose Studios where she couldn't wait to get started and we worked really well together. Amy now has a varied set of images for her portfolio and is already looking forward to her next shoot.

Amy Princess

Amy Princess is a published model with a natural elegance and poise. I have shot her at several events including a recent photo shoot in Manchester with Reeltimemodelsuk. 

Armani Porche Shinobi

Armani is a graceful young model with a very positive attitude and outlook on life. I have had the pleasure of working with her at multiple promotional events and studio days now. I recently shot her at the Realtime models promotional lake shoot and she also threw herself into acting taking a leading role in a music video that we shot at the same location. She is very versatile and a lot of fun to work with.


I have had the pleasure of working with Chante at several Reeltime promotional events. As well as being a very versatile model, she is also a fire-eater and together with our other fire-eater Shelley, has added a lot of drama and excitement to the promotional events.


I have shot Christina at studio and location events and she always puts 100 per cent into every shoot. Her outfits for themed shoots are incredible and she is one of the most contientious models I have worked with. She has an amazing work ethic and improves from shoot to shoot.

Georgia Spice

This was the first time shooting Georgia Spice, a beautiful model with a very unique look. She posed very naturally in our themed shoot by the river.

Lacie Luxe

I first met this lady when she was singing in a music video I was shooting and I could tell she was keen to get into the studio to do some modelling. These shots were taken from a recent charity shoot I invited her to. She threw herself into the shoot and we are both very happy with the resulting images. This lady is a natural model.


I have worked with Lizzie since the first Reeltime promotional event and the first images here are from our Urban shoot followed by our latest shoot at the Max Power Reunion car show. Although a relatively new model, she has learnt her craft very quickly and puts 100 percent into every shoot. 

Nicola Kate

This was my first shoot with Nicola Kate at a Reeltime models promotional event. Got some fantastic shots of this talented lady in the woods, by the river and bravely balancing on the end of a boat on the river to get the shot.


I have shot this Reeltime model a few times now, most recently at a promotional shoot where this lovely lady braved the cold of a local river in the name of art. She helped me create some beautiful shots with her dress flowing in the water. A fantastic shoot.


I have probably shot this lady more than any other model to date. This Reeltimemodel is coming back into modelling after a break and has a lot of experience (and a lot of shoes!!!). Her outfits are incredible and she has a wonderful bubbly personality, there is never a dull moment shooting Sarah and she puts 100% into every shoot.


Reeltime model Shelley is not just a highly experienced model as I found out at my latest shoot with her. She is also a professional fire eater, adding a lot of excitement to our group shoots. And after several attempts, I got the hair flick shot!


Tess is a relatively new model but in a short time she has learnt quickly and although I have only twice, she has produced some amazing images including some potential promotional shots for the Jattlife vodka brand.